Toni's House provides housing, community, and resources for those in recovery from addiction, mental health illness, abuse, or traumatic life events and are in need of a safe environment to heal.



Toni's House provides a safe living environment to help people in transition with the process of healing as well as support in developing skills needed for a healthy and successful life. 




A small baby girl crossed the border from Mexico into America, was taken to a predominately Hispanic community in Denver, and was given to a family that was not her own. She knew her blood siblings, but the memory of her birth parents was a blur. She always asked herself why she had been singled out and handed off.

This young girl would later be placed in various homes for girls, at which she learned little. She was naturally rebellious, and as she grew up, she became difficult and resentful. By the time she reached her teens she had street credibility. It wasn't long before the girl became pregnant. At only 15 years old, she was told, "put the child up for adoption or else you will be left at the hospital." She refused and was left there with her baby son.

Lost and confused, the girl didn't know what she should do or how she was going to survive. She had grown up in a Hispanic, Catholic community with no exposure to black people, so she found herself conflicted when the black nurse who cared for her during her hospital stay offered to take her in. She was frightened and alone, but what was once an unimaginable, taboo thing to do became a blessing that saved her and her son's lives. Despite being uneducated, it didn't take long for this young mother to get on her feet. To read the full story on our history, click here